Since the Cypress Police Foundation began in 2010, it has been able to award the Cypress Police Department grants for needed programs and items that would not otherwise be provided from their regular budget.  This is all made possible by the generous donations of many individuals and corporations.

Grant Funded Gifts 2012

09-27-12 Grant #12-005
Funded the purchase of "Blue Gun" traning firearms for the Explorer Program. These training firearms are made of molded urethane and are distinctly marked with bright blue coloring and do not fire a projectile of any kind. They are strictly for training purposes.

10-19-12 Grant #12-006
Funded the purchase of Red Ribbon Week pencils for distribution to all students and school staff.  Historically pencils have been distributed to Cypress students and staff to help celebrate and commemorate Red Ribbon Week in Cypress.

11-20-12 Grant #12-007
Funded the payment of annual fees to the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) for the Cypress Police Department's Explorer Post.


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George Savord, Retired Cypress Chief of Police

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