Since the Cypress Police Foundation began in 2010, it has been able to award the Cypress Police Department grants for needed programs and items that would not otherwise be provided from their regular budget.  This is all made possible by the generous donations of many individuals and corporations.

Grant Funded Gifts 2013

03-28-13 Grant #13-001
Funded the development of a mobile app with information similar to the PD website but also allows the user to record information about valuables in the case of theft.

04-16-13 Grant #14-002
Funded Explorer Advisors "Class B" training uniforms.  The purpose of these uniforms is to have a training uniform that is more conforming to what other Explorer programs are currently wearing in Orange County, and throughout the state. 

04-16-13 Grant #13-003
Funded expenses related to the Cypress Police Explorers assisting the City of Seal Beach and the Seal Beach Police Department's annual 5k/10k run in Seal Beach.

 04-16-13 Grant #13-004
Funded the Explorer Showcase Event that took place at the Cypress Community Center on 04-16-13 hosted by the Cypress Explorer Program and the Learning for Life Division of Boy Scouts of America.

05-31-13 Grant #13-005
Funded the attendance of the Cypress Police Explorers to the Explorer Academy hosted by the Boy Scouts of America.

05-08-13 Grant #13-006
Funded dry cleaning associated with the Explorer Showcase event on April 16, 2013.

07-02-13 Grant #13-007
Funded a framed appreciation plaque for Explorer Captain Sweeney to be presented at the City Council meeting on July 22, 2013.

07-15-13 Grant #13-008
Funded shoe cleaning supplies for Explorer duty boots.

 07-29-13 Grant #13-009
Funded Explorer meeting refreshments as reward for outstanding work over the past several months.

07-30-13 Grant #13-010
Funded donuts, coffee, water for Explorers that assisted with the Cypress Festival on 07-27-13.

08-20-13 Grant #13-011
Funded a Sentinel Radio Alarm for enhanced response to in-progress crimes for Cypress Police Department.

 08-07-13 Grant #13-012
Funded the purchase of twelve new hats for the Cypress Police Department Explorers, Post 1036.

09-10-13 Grant #13-013
Funded supplies needed to provide the P.A.C.E program to 6th graders that teach them about making good choices regarding drugs and alcohol as well as the 6 Pillars of Character.

09-19-13 Grant #13-014
Funded Explorer meeting refreshments as reward for outstanding work at various events and DUI Checkpoints.

09-19-13 Grant #13-015
Funded tuition for the Explorer Competition hosted by the Orange County Law Enforcement Advisors Assoc. (OCLEEAA) on Nov. 23 and Nov. 24.

10-24-13 Grant #13-016
Funded Red Ribbon Week pencils for 10,000 students and teachers, certificate holders and cost of the kickoff breakfast. Red Ribbon Week serves to remind students throughout Cypress of the dangers of drug use.

10-29-13 Grant #13-017
Funded the purchase of an IRIS internet camera system for ad hoc deployment to residents or businesses on a per use basis in order to catch suspects in the commission of crimes that have been identified as trending in an area.

12-05-13 Grant #13-018
Funded the purchase and training of a new Police Service Dog.

12-27-13 Grant #13-019
Funded annual fees to the Boy Scouts of America for the Cypress Police Department's Explorer Post for 2014.



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George Savord, Retired Cypress Chief of Police

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