Since the Cypress Police Foundation began in 2010, it has been able to award the Cypress Police Department grants for needed programs and items that would not otherwise be provided from their regular budget.  This is all made possible by the generous donations of many individuals and corporations.

Grant Funded Gifts 2015

01-12-15 Grant #15-002
Funded tuition for Explorers to attend Explorer Academy run by the Orange County Law Enforcement Explorer Advisors Association at the Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center.

05-22-15 Grant #15-007
Funded attendance by an Explorer and four Police Department members to attend Orange County Law Enforcement Advisors Association annyal Gold Awards event.

11-19-15 Grant #15-016 and #15-018
Funded Cypress Red Ribbon Week supplies and activities. 

11-19-15 Grant #15-017 and #15-019
Funded participation of Cypress Police Explorers in Orange County Explorer Competition. 

11-19-15 Grant #15-06, #15-08 and #15-020
Funded purchase of new (replacement) uniforms for Cypress Police Explorers.

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George Savord, Retired Cypress Chief of Police

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