This section contains information about the Foundation's news and events which include hosting the Police Officers' Appreciation Luncheon, the Red Ribbon Week breakfast, and other awards and projects.

Forest Lawn Mortuary and Los Alamitos Medical Center Makes Generous Donation

A grant request was submitted to the Cypress Police Foundation for the purpose of funding the purchase of a replacement PSD (Police Service Dog) . The Cypress Police Department has two K-9 teams and unfortunately, one of the PSD’s suffered an injury which required the premature retirement of the dog.
The value of K-9 units is not limited to supplementing police operations in apprehending suspects, locating narcotics and contraband, assisting in searches, etc. These K-9 units are a key part of maintaining strong community support through demonstrations and personal community interactions with the officers and the PSD. In other words they are PRICELESS!
The total cost of purchase, training and other necessary equipment drives the cost of a replacement PSD to approximately $20,000.00. The replacement costs associated with this PSD are not part of the operating budget of the police department. Given the value of this unit to the police department, the foundation considered the request and through the generosity of Forest Lawn Mortuary and Los Alamitos Medical Center, each donating to the foundation, CPF was able to fund a significant portion of the expense of the purchase of the dog, thereby making replacement a reality rather than an uncertainty.

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The Spurgeon Family Donates $10,000 to the Cypress Police Department

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$10,000 Donation Improves Officer Response Time in Cypress

 The Cypress Police Foundation is excited to announce a $10,000 donation by long-time City of Cypress residents, Ed and Janet Spurgeon.  Motivated by attending the annual Police Appreciation Luncheon, the Spurgeon's donation will have a positive impact in the Cypress community through providing for upgraded alarm response equipment to increase officer response time.

 Working with the Police Foundation, the Cypress Police Department identified technologically advanced alarm response equipment to address this alert process and to improve officer response time to burglary calls. The Spurgeon Family's donation realizes this goal.

 On September 23, 2013, the City of Cypress graciously approved acceptance of the Cypress Police Foundation’s donation on behalf of the Spurgeon Family and moved to immediately implement the recommended equipment.

2013 Police Appreciation Luncheon

chief-officerasmusThe Third Annual Cypress Police Appreciation Luncheon was held on May 16, 2013 at the Cypress Community Center. The event honored the Cypress Police Department personnel, the sworn officers and civilians who bravely work to make Cypress a safe place to work, live, and visit.
Honored at the 2013 event were:


2012 Officer of the Year: Officer Scott Ausmus
2012 Police Employee of the Year: Police Aide Nathan Ticorat
2012 Citizen of the Year: Volunteer Chuck Mealey and Mrs. Johnnie Strohmyer
2012 Silver Distinguished Service Award: Officer Christopher Lee

Congratulations to all of them for their fine accomplishments!

To see pictures of the event,click here!


RMP 2747-850During 2011, several Operations Division officers were recognized for their community service and were recipients of awards such as the MADD DUI Service Award, American Legion Community Service Commendation, Crime Survivors Awards, and the Orange County Auto Theft Advisory Committee Award for stolen vehicle recovery efforts. Our officers were commended by partner organizations for their diligent work effort, which is demonstrative of their diligent work to making our community a safe and enjoyable place to live, work and play.

Red Ribbon Week

RedRibbonWeekIn 1988, under the leadership of the National Family Partnership, with Nancy Reagan as Honorary Chairperson, Congress proclaimed the first 8-day Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbons were first worn by DEA agents after a fellow agent, Enrique "Kiki" Camarena, was brutally murdered in 1985, while working undercover in Guadalajara, Mexico.  Since then, the Red Ribbon movement to remember and honor Kiki's death and raise drug awareness is celebrated by millions of students and teachers, along with community organizations, service clubs, businesses, faith communities, and law enforcement agencies. Today, Red Ribbon Week is held in thousands of schools and communities all across America.

Cypress celebrates Red Ribbon Week with essay contests and other events to stress the importance of saying no to drugs. The week includes a special breakfast for essay contest winners, educators, police, and community leaders. The Cypress Police Foundation hosts this important community event.

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George Savord, Retired Cypress Chief of Police

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